Radiator Leak

Hi from out of the blue my right side radiator started leaking ,not in motion it has been in my garage for some time...

pulled it out to find the reason ,the fluids are sibling out from the bottom..it looks undamaged

the bike is 2009 yz450f and i had an crash in december and havent really eaven used it...anyway i quess it has an unvisible crack somewhere and

i got ot buy an new one, so my guestion is that has the mountings changed at

some point or can i just get an radiator from 2005 up...and they all fit..:thumbsup:

take it to a rad shop and try and get it fixed 1st! Save yourself some $$$$$

I used to work at a radiator shop and we fixed motorcycle radiators all the time. They should charge you between $20-$30 for the repair, thats a lot cheaper than buying a new radiator!

Thanks guys i look in to that...i am not familiar with thailands radiator

fixing market...

didn't realize you were in Thailand! Send it out. It will still be cheaper. I searched some threads on TT for rad shops for you, but their all in NA. I'm sure there must be some out your way if you look. How is the riding there? Would love to see some pictures of the trails you ride. Cheers.

i had a rad leak in my car so i put some liquid in it and it stopet.

i dont remember the name but i still got the bottle, i can check it for u if u like.

i checkt e-bay and a new right side radiator is 98 usd and its better than the oem part reducing temp 25% more...i might go for it...

sending the rad back and forward will take time and cost heaps..and to fix

it poorly will propably not last anyway...

to the question of trails well the tracks for first of all are small and boring

there is no big tracks anywhere...trails are ok...but had an crash 4 months ago so still recovering for on month to get my muscles back in order..so havent been able to ride for that long...good side is u can ride year around

bad side its freacking hot especially with the gears on...:thumbsup:

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