Water pump impeller shaft bearing....

Does it matter which way that bearing goes into the case?

My water pump was leaking, so I got new seals and the superceeded shaft. I used the original bearing. When the bearing was out, it spun freely, so I thought I would reuse it. When I put the oil seal in, then tapped in the bearing, it kind of siezed up, in that it was hard to turn. I put a screwdriver through the middle of it and I was able to turn it, but it was stiff.

200 miles into it, I now have fluid emerging from my weephole again. I am thinking that the bearing has seized, and the shaft is scored, and the whole thing needs to be replaced.

I have everything next-day-airing to me right now, but I want to make sure that I put it all back together correctly, 'cause this is starting to add up!

Any ideas? Think I put the bearing in backwards? If not, what made the bearing stiff to turn?

Thank you,


I don’t like reusing the bearings simply because of the stress placed on them when getting them out and putting them back in. I had to use a press to get the pump bearing, and every other bearing in the motor, into the cases. Yes I put them in the freezer and heated the cases with a torch. But they were new cases and bearings.

Anyway I also noted what seemed to be an inordinate amount of drag on that particular bearing when I replaced it on my ’00, but it was in a new cover so I attributed this to that and ignored it. I had no problems.

I made sure to put the bearings in the same way they came out, but neither at that time nor presently can I think of a reason why this would matter. It seems the markings on all the bearings faced out (or in this case in, as in towards the inside of the motor).

If you force the bearing in (or out) by the race I would think this could cause problems, but I can’t say for sure.

It could be that you damaged the bearing R&Ring it, or it is just worn, but if it operates smoothly and your shaft isn’t galled where it rides I would just replace the seal and see what happens.

Make sure you clean the shaft, grease the seal, and use some kind of lube in your coolant.

Hope this helps.

I pm'd ya Hick!


And make sure you put the seal in the correct way round cos it will weep if you dont.

That definately was not the case. I swear! There is NO WAY that those seals went in the wrong way.

......Uh, ok. Maybe.

Yup. Yeah, I honestly think I did put them in the wrong way last time.

I get it right this time! Grease em up in put them in the right way.

Thanks guys!


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