YZ 450 engine into YZ 250 ?

Can a 03 YZ450f engine be put into a 2000 yz 250 frame, I have the engine and have access to the bike with no engine cheap, is it doable?


anything is doable, check the mounting points, there my be someone on here that owns both bikes and could tell you more but our best bet would be to check that out. I dont see why it wouldnt work though. I know guess that put 1000cc motors on quads and in shifter karts, you mite have to do a little fab work thats all.

The YZ 450f engines are tall. The YZ 250 engines are not. YZ 450f fames are tall. YZ 250 frames are not.

Its probably doable if you cut and lower the cradle but then thats going to kill your ground clearance.

OT: I'd love to ride a 1000 cc sportbike powered quad. That'd be friggin crazy.

You would really have to shoe horn that motor in a 2 stroke frame. Usually the motor swap happens the other way around! LOL.

Personally, i dont see why you would want to do it. Even if i had the know how to do it, i wouldn't take that risk or the time to. If you have to cut the frame etc to make it fit, you may very well be altering the integrity of the chassis, not something i want to worry about when landing from a huge triple or any jump from that matter. I say its not worth the stress but thats just my opinion.

EDIT: Another thing is that i doubt it would handle the corners well or anything like that. I said above that it just my opinion but i think i am just going to go ahead and say "please dont do it" haha.

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