Sensitive plastic on 03 Yamahas

I recently deceided that those ugly caution stickers on rear fender and the small tire inflation label on front fender had to go. I used a heat gun to soften them up and peeled away. They came off pretty good but left a little glue behind. I got out my trusty can of WD-40 and a soft rag and started rubbing away at the glue.The next thing I knew I had a cloudy spot the size of the tail lite lens.Needless to say I was a little PO’ed.Can anybody tell me differance between the plastic on an 03 WR450F and a 00 TTR125. I have used this method before and had no problems.Any ideas?

03WR450F- Grey wire disconnected & Works connection alum. Frame guards

Foursmoke look at it this way.....that cloudy look is no where near as bad as the first crash dings are. :)

kind of like dropping your brand new helmet :)

In my opinion, this is damage without even any trail miles.I have 6 street miles on her because my warranty is running out and wanted to see if key was going to sheer.I know 6 miles isn't much but its better than 0, being out of warranty and Mr. woodruff deceiding to sheer away :)

03 WR450F-grey wire, works connection alum. frame guards

Dude, comon, it's plastic on a dirt bike :). I understand, I get it, but if your worried about looks, your in the wrong sport. I know they cost $6K, but their dirt bikes.

Wish my '98 Tacoma looked like it did when I bought it.......but hey..........


Dodge :cool :cool

I used a heat gun to remove mine too. It did get a little cloudy, you have to be real careful not to get it too hot. Now that you mention it, I leaned my bike over against my work bench and I instantly got the white crease (s?) on my radiator shroud easier than I thought it should have. You might be on to something here... I don't remember my 01 being so easy to discolor.... Maybe!


Foursmoke, try a little Mop & Glow, it will shine it up.

in the future, removing stickers is soooooooooo easy with gasket remover.

Dont get any on your hands (or in your eyes) but spray some on the sticker, let it sit for about 1 minute and the sticker will fall off.

It will not hurt your plastic, or the shine. :)

Try it, you'll be suprised how well it works. I have used this method hundered of times.

I think the new plastic is even more fragile than before. When I put my headlight/numberplate on, I was very careful not to over-tighten the top bolts. You know the ones that go into the tab on the tripple clamp. Even being extra careful, the plastic turned white. At least it didn't snap the plastic, like my other two WRs.

I've seen brand-new Yamaha dirt bikes and ATV's sitting on the showroom floor that have nasty white crease marks in the plastic. Possibly someone leaned on them or some unruly child climbed all over them, but that blue plastic is prone to marking easily. Pretty when new - but it looks old quick. Then again, they ARE dirt bikes and the only clean, pretty, unscratched ones are those that haven't been ridden.

FYI - I know for a fact that Yamaha has replaced blue ATV plastic under warranty because of white stress marks. Whether they'll do the same for a dirt bike I don't know, but it might be worth a shot.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

FYI: a heat gun will also take out the white marks, bringing the blue back out. ..just be careful how close & how long you heat up the area.

I peeled the outer plastic cover off and soaked underplastic in soapy water overnight. Next day. slid razor knife under label and most of it came right up. Then I covered up the one "miss" I had with the razor knife with a beautiful orange and blue Auburn sticker. It looks great.

Foursmoke, The same thing happened when I removed mine. A little cloudy area. The 03 plastics are definately softer than any other years. I put a Fox decal over it.

Dan, the fender only got cloudy when I tried to rub the glue off with the WD-40.It was not the heat gun.

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