? about wiring

Ok so I have a 03 wr450f and love the bike, but I have done the starter upgrade and new battery but the bike still does not want to start using the e-start. So after reading on here for a while I have heard that possibly I may have a ground, wiring problem as where I'm not getting any spark when using the e-start. So my ? is where on the bike are these grounds located so I can check them and if there is anything else that I should check for I could use the info thanks.:thumbsup:

When turning it over all it does is sputter a alittle flame out the rear but won't fire off. But it is not like a backfire. Someone please help me.

How does it run/ start w/ the kicker? My first thought w/ the description of flames coming out he back leads me to think you have a plugged pilot jet but, that would not be the case if the bike runs and starts good using the kick starter. I would suggest cleaning it anyway.

All the jets are brand new and the bike starts right up with the kick starter and runs very well while running but hot or cold will not start with the button. and again it is not really a back fire it is more like a small poof, if you know what I mean. I have read on here that there are some ground straps on the bike that may cause inadquit (spelling) spark while using the button but when kick started the bike will start right up. I was just wondering where these straps might be so I could check them thanks.

Ok so I tore apart the carb again just to make sure that every thing was clean and it is. But I was wrong it does backfire when using the e-start, but starts right up when kicking it. Checked and greased almost all the wire connectors and still the same thing starting to driveme nuts.:thumbsup:

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