What kind of tire???

I have been reading about all these tire and i would like your opinion on what tire to get. i live in washington state and ride in all kinds of conditions i like trail riding and there are alot of rocks and roots but i also like riding on tracks and sand. what kind of tire should i get.

02' WR426 no baffles doing grey and blue wire mods.

well i have had a wr426 and now have a wr450. Since I work at the local yamaha shop , I have tried alot of tires.I've shredded alot of them. :) The combo I use is like your own ground,sand,loamy dirt, rocks,etc. What lasts the longest for me is a mt44 front pirelli and a 401 bridgestone rear. great combo. Irun alot of harescrambles and enduros. :D :)works great for me . AA class in iowa

While we're on the subject, I can get Bridgestones for any Thumpertalk member for $50 front and $55 rear plus shipping. I race the SETRA hare scrambles, so I can deliver to those races. I will also be doing the southeast GNCCs this year. If anyone is interested, email me at stumpdoggydog@hotmail.com

question is do you want to schred an expensive tire or a cheap tire. Cause in my expierience my $40 cheng shins lasted a bit longer then the $70 M12 Michelin's. Just a thought. the 755 is a 25-35 dollar tire and it works great for me in dirt, docks, rocky diry mud, and hell i even took it in the sand one time. No problems that i can report. But then again i dont Race at all.

I have tried many tires and have found the D756 Front and D739AT rear the best combo. I ride extremely hard pack rocky terrain and desert sand...works great. The D739AT is damn near bullet proof.

I just found my next favorite tires, the Michelin S12. I did a desert race last weekend that had everything, silt, hard pack, wet hard pack, sand, gravel, and it hooked up everywhere. The wear seems almost non-existant after a 70 mile race WFO. I am very impressed. It impressed me most on the hard packed bloove groove stuff, even when it got wet. It hooked up like a street tire on the pavement.

I also like the S12 front, but I've heard rumors of soft side walls, so I use the M12 in front instead. Its pretty good also.

The D739AT is damn near bullet proof

My buddy runs a 739AT. That's what I'm trying next. I've been through 3 tires (755's/756's) and he's still on the same tire. :)

Antother vote for 739 AT for rocks and hardpack, but it isn't that bad in soft stuff. Wears well, and is nearly flat-proof.

You can tell it is tough when you mount it. :)

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