Brake Problems

Ok, here's the problem... Bought a used bike, decided to swap out brake fluid last night, bled both front and rear-no problem (althought both had barely in them). Got out the Clymer manual, went to put new fluid in the rear reservoir, opened the bleeder, pumped the brake and nothing happened... WHy is no fluid moving from the reservoir into the system-could it be clogged, am I doing it wrong-what's up???


Neither my WR or my YZ would pump out because of trapped air in the system. I broke down and purchased a Mighty Vac for $39.00, and it was the best investment I ever made. 5 Minutes to Flush and Bleed the system. The best part is that there is no spills or mess to clean up.

Bonzai :)

Yamakaze, That's a pretty good solution-that must be what the problem is (hopefully)...Did you get this vac from a bike store or have to order from somewhere special???

I'll 2nd the recommendation on the mightyvac. You should be able to pick one up at an auto parts store, Harbor Freight tool store (not sure if they have those in CO) or online.

Good luck.

Perfect, thanks a lot guys...

The mighy-vac is great, but I also a large syringe like the one that come for fluid level gauges. I use it to back bleed the brakes, make bleeding time quicker. You push the fluid back up the system from the caliper to the resivoir.

Yzeezee not sure where your at in Denver but there is a Harbor Frieght in Aurora at Potomac and Alameda. Don't know if they have the systems in stock either.

Endurodog-I can get to Aurora no problem- I live in Highlands Ranch. I've never even heard of Harbor Freight. I also called AutoZone and they have something that sounds the same (not sure if it is) for 4.99 I think I'll go check it out later today...


Originally posted by YZeezee:

I've never even heard of Harbor Freight.


I use a large hypo syringe. Stole it from my dad, if there is a vet supply or feed store nearby you can pick one up there for a few bucks.

I just ordered that bleeder though, that thing looks trick. I like tools.

Thanks for the link Kaze!

Sorry Hick, Harbor Freight isn't too big in Denver-no worries though. Went to AutoZone, got a mity vac and I'm all set... Thanks Kaze!

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