question about Texas street legal conversion

Hey gang it's good to see you guys again, I haven't been in here in as long as I can remember.

I've got a pair of WR426's that I broke out of the shop yesterday which haven't been ridden in about 4 years. I was going to sell them but after riding them again and researching the sale prices I feel their worth more in the stable than what I feel they'll sell for.

I think I'm just going to buy some Baja street legal kits and put some street legal dual sport tires on them.

Are there any Texas members here who can walk me through the steps to get the plate and inspection process?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

See ya,


you first need a title, one way or the other!

I ended up getting a "bonded" title ........

then you have to have "street bike" insurance

and have your bike ready for inspection.

take the title, "green" inspection sheet, and insurance,

along with your cash/checkbook/debit/credit card

and walk away with your new tags.

do a search and you'll see lots more

and this is by far the best mod you can do for your bike!

Thanks for the insight, I did a search but didn't have any luck on finding a Texan.

It sounds pretty basic

1st purchase insurance

2nd get a Texas motorcycle inspection

3rd take the form showing the bike passed inspection to the county tax assessors office, then show them the off road title and insurance cad too.

See ya,


be sure to check out

hi/low switch for headlight

brake light, either front or back

horn, mirror, license plate light

dot tires

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