Advice for Newbie - Please

I currently ride a GSXR750 2K but want to use a second bike to commute and for dirt riding.

My budget is around £3.5-4K

I travel a total of 18 miles / day

I would prefer electric start

It must be a 400cc +

I don’t know what to do about tyres “can I buy an all-round tyre or will I need to change them on-road/off-road” ?????

I’ve got my mind set on a Yamaha WR450F.

Can you please offer some advice / alternatives

P.S. I’ve also been looking at the Honda XR.

I have 3 bits of advice for you,

1. electric starts are for big girl's blouses

2. you'll be at the back of a long queue to spend £5500

on a road legal wr540

and 3. you should buy my HRC race kitted XR650R which

can be seen on page 12/13 of Ebay

cheers, Craig ( Glasgow )


Try a search on the topics you have questions about. Tires and bike comparisons are subjects with vast amounts of post and opinion.

Good luck,


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