rear fender swap???

i have a 2002 426yz and i got a rear fender from a swap meet thats for a 2003yz. i see there is some Difference in the 2003 fender. but i wanted to know if it would work? or should i just stick with the old style?

well you already have it, don't you? might as well try to drill some holes, i doubt the guy at the swap meet will want it back haha

well the bikes in the shop gitting some work done. the fender looks a little wider where it goes under the seat. thats why i am asking.

I put an 05 fenders on my 02 426 they fit perfect

I put 03 250f rear fender on my 98 400f.... just a little trimming and new holes to drill - really not difficult.... easier when you have the bike though :thumbsup:

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