i think my wr is YZ timed how to check valves

i went to check my valves the evening and if i line up the slots on the side of the motor the lobes on the cam arent exactly facing opposite each other. the exhaust side is a little higher which makes me think the previous owner had it yz timed. well how do you adjust the valves on a yz timed wr since they dont face exactly opposite? im thinking that if you use the feeler guage on the exhaust side you would get a false reading since the lobe isnt it the correct position. :thumbsup:

Don't worry if they don't exactly line up mate.

Just count the pins. There should 13 pins between the punch marks I think from memory.

Just set it at TDC an if the valves are way out of whack then spin the motor around 1 more time an then you should be in the right spot. If the dots on the exhaust cam gear do not match the edge of the head then you are YZ timed. It will be one tooth clockwise if you are looking at the gear side. The difference in the two timing settings are not going to change your valve reading since the cam still has to travel aways before it begins to open the valve.

cool, thats what i thought but i figured i would ask anyway

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