'99 wr400 engine swap?

'99 wr400 went goofy today; sounded like the decomp lever was held on while driving 55 mph-; stopped immediately; no compression, kicks easily around. O.K. I've done a search or two and can't find an answer to.

1. should I look for A 426 engine to swap out?will newer engines/426/450 fit

2. a cheap 426/yz/ to pirate parts/motor for the plated 400

3. spend money for current motor repair.

4. find a cheap Monster and fab a Monstro on the cheap

I'm in no hurry, all my money goes towards kids braces and a Ducati habit

There has to be a reason why the bike has no compresion. Pull the valve cover and inspect the exhaust cam. This only take twenty minutes or so. Most likley the decompression device is stuck.

thanks tweeter, the noise,etc sounds like what you describe. I'm ready to toss it off a cliff otherwise. Except for there's not too many cliffs here in Seattle where I wouldn't get caught for littering

If it's just a stuck decomp lever you're looking at about $250 in parts (cam, bucket, shim) and not much labor, so I wouldn't throw it off a cliff yet. The 426 takes a different jug, piston and crank (con-rod). I thing everything else is the same. The mounting bolts line up so you could just replace the entire engine if that's what you wanted to do. I don't know anything about the 450.

Chuck it over a cliff to me :p I'll take it..

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