Riding in Uncompahgre NF...in Colorado?

The week after Labor Day weekend, myself and a few others are heading out to western CO...going to hit Ouray/Telluride and Crested Butte. I wanted to see if anyone could give us the inside scoop on any riding in the Uncompahgre National Forest. Heard there was riding there...and it's close to where we'd be going anyway...


Hey Larry,

Try this http://www.coloradoguide.com/recreation/index3.cfm

I have ridden a couple of times over by Lake City. It's mostly four-wheel drive roads and a lot of tourists with rented jeeps and white knuckles and soiled pants. There are a few short trails in the area if I remember right. A few of us were planning a trip around the same time and were thinking of either Uncompahgre or Arapaho National Forest near Granby.

Dude, all you had to do is ask. Shelley's dad knows that area like the back of his hand. And don't worry about Crested Butte, we'll take care of you. Just follow us.

In Ouray, you will be able to hit:

Engineer Pass

Cinammon Pass

Imogene Pass

Black Bear Pass

In Crested Butte, we'll hit:

Pearl Pass

Gunsight Pass

Scofield Pass


If we can remember the way, we can ride into Aspen for lunch and back.

And that does mean I have the green light to meet you in CB. Mike will be coming, possibly one more. Shelley and Reese will come only if Trish and Maddy come. Otherwise, just the guys.

I have the riding tape done from Rampart. Shoot me an email on getting it to you. Maybe meet halfway for a beer. I won't be riding for about a week, possibly until CB as I am finally cracking open the engine for a long overdue valve check.

I've ridden on the north and south uncompadgre plateau. Each area is described in the L&M maps from Fey Myers. The plateau is fairly flat and sits around 9,000 feet. I rode there without a guide or knowledgable person and get very lost. The trails are not marked very well, they see little use and are overgrown with alot of vegetation. There is alot of single track, but its tough. There was a new travel management plan implemented for Uncompadgre which closed some of the trails. I rode there a second time with a group from Grand Junction lead by John Martin, who runs Motorcycle Accessories in Grand Junction. John knew all the good trails and guided us on a great two day ride. He even had some homemade maps, you might try contacting him or stopping by his shop for more info.

When in Crested Butte check out the single track around cement creek, or the gunnision spur which starts by dinner station campground, or fossil ridge which starts at the gold creek campground. We also like the Pearl pass/Taylor pass/Italian creek loop, makes a nice 80 mile ride that goes over three high passes, all jeep roads though, with a small section of single track to connect from cement creek to brush creek.


Thanks for the info. Sounds pretty much like it was described to me...very "unused"! Heard the trails were tough to follow...and very overgrown. Perhaps I'll try to contact John Martin...and see what he has to say. It will be our buddy's first ride on his new WR...so perhaps not the best choice for his first rides...but who knows...


Gettin' psyched for this ride! Of all the stuff you listed, I've done just about all of it with the exception of making it to Marble (always unpassable snow on 7/4) and all the way over Gunsight (always snow). The trails around Cement Creek are awesome (Doubletop, etc.)...and would be a good choice...but I believe Jim and I would also like to try some new stuff (perhaps down by Taylor Rez?). Anyhoo, we'll figure it out...cant wait!


Sounds like a Garmin GPS Ride. I got completely lost there a few years ago. I was really glad that I had my GPS and had locked in the coord for the truck before we left.

Man I wish I could make it out there for a great weekend ride.

Have Fun...

Bonzai :)

I've done Gunsight the last 2 years in the end of Aug and had no snow there. I was up there this last weekend around Spring Creek Res. and stayed at the Mosca camp ground. There are trails in almost every direction from there and for every skill level. Thats closer to Taylor Res. like you wanted, and has more trails than just around Taylor.

Merf came across some great maps of the area, best I have seen so far, they are the Latitude 40 maps the "Aspen, Crested Butte, Gunnison" map is one map that has the area covered pretty well. Merf and I were up there last year and he did a lot of stuff on his Garmin GPS and has routes for the area.

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