waterpump shaft and seals


I have to fix my pump on my 2002 wr 426

I have a new shaft and seals, do i have to remove the clutch to get the side cover off?


Just remove the waterpump cover and the side cover. Do not try to loosen the water pump impellar until the side cover is off! you should also replace the waterpump bearing,the bearing and shaft are the #! reason the seals go bad in the first place.Hope this helps:thumbsup:

i took off the water pump cover then undone the impeller nut to remove it..

so i can leave the clutch in place and take off the side cover.

Thanks for your help ill get a bearing too.

you don't touch the clutch at all! just remove side cover and replace bearing,seals and shaft. Did you loosen the impeller without remove the side cover first? I'd put a little blue locktight on the shaft when reinstalling also.

yes i took off the water pump cover then undid the impeller before removing the side cover.should i put it back on untill the side cover is off?

no you do not have to put it back on. I'm surprised you didn't break the shaft.

Ok thanks for you help,, better go and get on with it.


The right way to do it is to take the case cover off BEFORE removing the impeller - that way you can put a wrench on the back of the impeller shaft to remove the impeller - doing it the way you did risks breaking the keyway on the balancer shaft.

Ok i got the side cover off, the bearing is a bit rough so ill have to get one.

the shaft is scored too, so im glad i got one in the end.

i will put it all together so i can tighten the impeller with out risk to the key.

thanks for your input

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