Flywheel removal

I'm thinking of borrowing ( :) ) my pal's '01 WR stator to power some lights for a night race (not in the dez so I think 1 light will suffice).

I was STUNNED to find his flywheel will not accept my threaded puller (Motion Pro I bleve) because the inside portion of the flywheel is not threaded. :D

It doesn't look like I can get the jaws of my "normal" wheel puller behind it or get the teeth to grip on the outside top edge.

So. How do you get this damn thing off?

Related question: Will I need to use his flywheel as well? I know I need the regulator...

Any other tips for putting a good off-road light (I'm calling Baja Designs on Monday) on my YZ are appreciated. I don't think I can afford an HID...


You'll need a different puller. The WR flywheel has three 6x1mm threaded holes tapped into the outboard face. The puller attaches to the flywheel via these holes. You will also need to use the WR flywheel with that stator.

By the way, how's the riding around El Paso these days? I grew up on the NE side of town (there until '81) and use to ride a lot on the Castner range between Hondo Pass and Trans Mountain just east of Gateway N/S and on up into the Franklin Mountains as far south as McKelligan Canyon and as far west as Tom Mays state parks. We use to also go out to Red Mountain on the East Side for the sand dune type stuff. There used to be a motocross track called Borderland then later renamed Star Track out on the west side (west of the Rio Grande). It was pretty cool track because it was built on a fairly large mesa and had several 300+ foot steep climbs/down hills very similar to those you see on the present day Glen Helen national track. All sand in El Paso though. I completely blew my knee out in a whoop section on that track when I was 15. We use to also race in La Luz just north of Alamogordo pretty regularly. Have all these places been taken over by urban growth? I'm planning on going to the Mile High Enduro in Cloudcroft next month and might spend an extra day in El Paso looking for some of my old favorite trails in the Franklins.

Interested in your feedback,

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I’ve never ridden the east mountains. I’m a west side (actually So. NM) boy. I ride on the West Mesa (in NM) and sometimes the west foothills of the Franklins by Anthony Gap.

Star Trek is gone. Not developed, you can still ride there, but the track is gone, victim of a utiltity line and a sand wash.

Red Sands, off of Montana, is a good place to watch drunk (and helmetless) ATV riders hurt themselves. Regular helicopter rides out of that place.

The nearest moto is just north of Tularosa, they do a winter season only. Maybe it used to be called La Luz, I do know it has been around for awhile. I've only been riding for 4 years, and I’ve never even ridden that track. I hear there is also a decent track in Juarez in the east/central part of town but I’ve never tried that either. After 9/11 gettin’ back over the bridge (any bridge) can be a two hour affair.

I’ve been threatening to do the Mile High for a few years but have never made it. This year another race I’d like to run is the same weekend, the one I need the light for in fact.

So where did you get the puller for your WR?? I saw the one in the manual, tried to order it from my normal parts supplier and am not very encouraged by what they had to say...

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I use a automotive Craftsman harmonic balancer puller.

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Originally posted by Hick:

Red Sands, off of Montana, is a good place to watch drunk (and helmetless) ATV riders hurt themselves. Regular helicopter rides out of that place.

That's pretty funny, Hick! I think that's how Red Mountain (not to mention the levy) was in the 70's, so not much has changed. Thanks for the update on my old stomping grounds.

As far as the flywheel puller goes, try

They seem to be pretty proud of them though at $32.40 (yikes!) Its times like this when I wish I had my own personal machine shop on hand...

After looking a bit more, I noticed Baja Designs is selling theirs for $21.95. I think this is where I got mine, I vaguely remember now that they included it in the dual sport kit I bought off of a fellow TTer a few years ago.

Look into the craftsman idea too. The bolts that fix the puller to the flywheel are on a 25 mm (~1 in.) radius.

Good luck,

Originally posted by scott h:

Look into the craftsman idea too. The bolts that fix the puller to the flywheel are on a 25 mm (~1 in.) radius.

Good luck,

That’s exactly what I was looking for. I have a harmonic balancer puller lying around here somewhere, didn’t think of that. If I can’t find it I’ll try to get one from Baja Designs.

Thanks guys.

Hey Hick,

I used a CHEAP harmonic balancer puller I bought at Harbor Freight or somewhere like that when I put my flywheel weight on. It worked fine, but had to really wrench down on it. I didn't know to get it pretty tight and then give the flywheel a whack to get it to pop loose. I just kept wrenching until it popped off (and flew a foot or two) LOL.

That link to the Baja one for $21 looks like a great deal if you're gonna be using it very much.

How's things down your way? Sure has been hot here in Albuquerque.

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