Where to get shims ASAP

Hi guys,

I don't post in this forum but I'm quite active in the KTM forum. Sorry to invade but I have a question to ask for a friend. He rides a 99 or 00 WR400 and needs shims for his bike. I told him I'd try to help as he needs these desperately for a week long riding starting Friday. I can't find them locally and did some searching here and on the YZ board but can't seem to find a suggestion on where to get these quickly via mailorder.

He needs 3-170 and 2-175's, if that makes any difference.


Best thing is take the old ones to a Yamaha dealer and see if they want to trade for the correct size. I suspect that you know already what sizes will be needed?

A good dealer should have a complete assortment.

PS: Do you do the Zumbro River Bottoms ride (sponsored by Rochester Golden Eagles)? Sounds like a few Minnesota TTer's may be grouping up this year for the spring or fall event.

I hope their isn't a problem getting these! I just ordered my YZ450 exhaust cam yesterday. Since I don't know until I install it what shims I will need, I didn't order any. My parts guy said they don't stock any, but getting them would be no problem once I knew what was needed....

BTW: Does anyone have a part number for the plug for the old decompression cable hole? He couldn't find one anywhere... :)

My local dealer doesn't stock any shims. Larson's doesn't have them, either. I do know which sizes he needs.

I'm the president of the Golden Eagles club. Have you been to any of our rides at Theilman before? Is there any information I can give you about the ride?

Golden Eagles web page

If you know of a good machine shop,ask them if they can grind them to the size you need,i know the shims are very small and some of the mag beds on surface grinders struggle too hold them,but all they need to do is get a thin piece of tin and drill a hole in it the same diameter as the shim,if the shim is thick enough to start with the plate will act as a stop and give the mag bed a real good hold on the shim ,when you place the shim in the hole it works a treat!

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