Nevada Mystery 250

It's time to sign up for the Nevada Mystery 250 June 21 & 22. This is a two day desert ride from Wellington, NV. to Hawthorne, NV and back. This 250 mile two day ride is put on by the Sierra Trail Dogs and cost $175 which includes hotel, dinner, and breakfast in Hawthorne.

This ride sells out fast and has a limit of 125 riders. There will be a support truck for your bags and a gas truck for a mid point fill up. The ride covers 125 miles each day with roll chart and GPS down load of the route. This is an awesome ride and I've done it the last two years.

For more info call




This ride kicks a$$ I'm going for sure. Mike are you riding the XR this year? We won't match like last year if we ride together! I'm in the market for a roll chart holder, and maybe a better GPS that I can download the route to. You're navigation was pretty good last year. :)

I'm not sure which bike I'll ride. The DRZ is better but the XR is faster.

I'll bring you a copy of the entry form this week end.

You'd better ride the BRP, the Pumpkin might be too much for the Banana! :)

You mean bring the BRP, better to tow the Pumpkin with. :)

hehehe :Dthe big red tow bike. Looking at pictures from last year it looks like a blast. I guess just stay out front or get dusted. Thats a lot of riders.

Grrrrr! :) Don't jinx me! I have bad dreams about cam bearing failures etc... then I go ride, and the bad dreams are all worth it! :D

Check out this web site from last years ride. There is an entry form you can down load.

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