Differences in wr450 from '06 and up

Hello, found an 06 wr450 brand new never ridden at my local for $5500, found an 07 at another place for $6100, and an 08 elsewheres for $6800 (keep in mind this is in canada). What kind of improvements can i expect in the newer years, and is it really worth throwing out the extra money? In your opinion, which would be the best deal?

2007 was first year for aluminum perimeter frame.

Also the following:

smaller gas tank

revised transmission ratio's & sprockets

07-09 are the same bike, vastly improved over the 06.

I would go for the 07 for the extra $600.

07-09 are the same bike

Very true

vastly improved over the 06

I wouldnt say that (I have both)...aside from the frames, the motor characteristics and suspension are the same (aside from gearing)

IMHO the difference from 06 to 07+ is this:

1)Looks - if you want the cool looks of the aluminum frame, get the 07+

2)Workability - if you want easy valve checks, easy carb access etc...get the 06

As from that, they handle the same, they ride the same and are reliable :thumbsup:

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