Do Valve Clearance Specs change with YZ timing?

I just checked my valves and they all seem to be within specs. My engine sounds like it is rattling out of the bike but they all check out OK.

So my question is two fold...1) Do valve specs change if you are YZ timed?, 2) If not the valves, what is causing my engine to have such rattling noises (timing chain is tight enough I think).

WR manual has the following valve specs:

Exhaust: .25mm - .30mm (Mine register .25 and .30)

Intake: .15mm - .20mm (Mine all register .15)

Anyone know what the YZ manual reports for specs?

Specs are the same.

Maybe it isn’t a valvetrain noise. If you had a ’00 I would immediately holler, “CHECK YOUR CB KEY.”


But if it were me I would check behind the right cover for any signs of looseness (assuming I’d isolated the noise to motor-only first, i.e. makes it in neutral w/ or w/out clutch engaged).

When I changed to YZ timing, the bike had/has more valve train noise. I asked around and was told no biggie, they all do...when changed to YZ timing.


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