Subframe re-attachment

Hey guys I just got done greasing all my suspension linkage and steering bearings. Bike is going back together o.k., but stripped nut for lower shock mount. I am currently trying to get the sub frame back on the bike and can't for the life of me seem to get the airbox seal around the carb. :thumbsup::usa: Is there a secret I don't know about or is this just a PITA.

I have recently purchased a set of Cycra Pro Bend handguards with the triple clamp mounts and was also wondering if I'm supposed to re-use the stock upper clamp bolts to secure it or if they just forgot to send them, the instructions are generic ones and are of no use to me.

Any help will save everyone's ears within a 1 mile radius!!!!!

Is there a secret I don't know about ?
Yes, there is.

  1. Remove the air box from the sub frame (two bolts on top of the sub, two under the fender)
  2. Install the air box onto the carb and clamp it in place.
  3. Install the sub frame back over the air box and bolt everything up

Piece of cake.

A little light grease, or WD-40 on the airboot rim always helps too. Should pop right on there.

Thanks guys! After a little break I did as you suggested and removed the airbox, it took about 5 min. and everything went back together wonderfully.:thumbsup:

Just as a note I also got a new Renthal 52T black anodized rear sprocket a new 13T front and a Pro Moto Billet spark arrestor with the black anodized end cap.

After this riding season I plan on changing my plastics to white and using something like the One Ind. Doug Henry kit, hence the black parts rather than blue. When I finish and learn how to post pics, I will let you all see my pride and joy.

Thanks again, Stroker06.

A little light grease, or WD-40 on the airboot rim always helps too. Should pop right on there.
Carb spray is a better choice for this. Reason being that it will evaporate without leaving any residue, and actually help seal the boot to the carb, whereas oily lubricants of any kind can encourage the boot to slip loose under the right circumstances.

I am sure that works great , but here is a faster trick.. no lube needed.

Only attach the lower shock bolt. Move the airbox (with subframe attached) into place. You have more clearance on the top next to the shock since it is not bolted on at the top.

Cinch down the carb boot bolts ( check that they are on and aligned with a flashlight - gotta love those 4 strokes... :thumbsup: ) Then use the swing arm to slide the upper shock mount into position, slide that bolt thru, and you are done.

Well, everyone does things differently, but the truth is this is only a problem because the air box was taken off the carb. If you unbolt it from the sub frame before the sub is removed, there is no reason to remove the air box from the carb at all. The shock cab be lifted more or less straight up and out by pushing the air box slightly aside, and it can be installed with the airbox in place by the same method. Knowing this, the air box becomes vastly simpler to install any time it is removed along with the shock; put it on first, then put the shock in place, then the sub frame.

Good point on the carb spray. - Gray

I have alsways found it to be easiest for me to loosen the front boot on the carb and pull the carb just slightly to the left. The airbox boot then slips right on and everything snaps back in place.

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