07 exhuast

i have an 08 yz450 and got a good deal on a stock 07 complete system. my question is has anyone cut down an 07 exhaust the thing is massive. just didn't want to mess it up by cutting a little of it

yep did it with a drimel tool was pretty easy just take your time

Ya me to. I took it all apart by drilling out all the rivets.I cut off about three inchs,polished it and added a Promoto billet end cap. It looks great and really didn't get much louder,well a little with the end cap.

I'm running an 08 Header with a cut-down 07 muffler. I cut off 4 inches, seems to work great. Plus with the smaller 07 end cap its still really quiet. Make sure you re-pack with good quality packing.

I had an extra 07 muffler , and cut 4 in. off for an experiment.

NOT good results - lost alot of low end. Just a warning. ( put in fresh packing as well).

Thats wierd, I felt just the opposite. I have an 08 YZ450 with a cutdown 07 muffler, it seems like I have a little snappier bottom end. I feel like I lost some on top, I have to shift a little earlier with this version versus the longer version. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

-on the plus side I can run 3rd gear in most tight turns versus second gear with the stock 08 muffler.

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