K&N MX Xtreme Filter

Is anyone running the K&N MX Xtreme filter on their bike? If so, how do you like it. Does it provide any increase in power? I am running a K&N on my truck and love it just wondering if their products are any good for MX. Also, do you have to clean it every ride like the foam filters? How easy is the cleaning process? I'm happy with my current filter just trying to blow 100.00 for a birthday present. Thanks.

DO NOT RUN K AND N AIR FILTERS ON A DIRTBIKE FOR OFFRAOD USE. their ok for road use but do not use them off road, if u hold one up to the light u can see right through it. they filter like crap.

You are better off putting a dirty tube sock on the end of your carb. :thumbsup:

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