Life insurance and racing

How many of you have tried to apply for life insurance and been the "good guy" and admitted to racing ?

I just did so, thinking that if I explained the truth, that I race 1 event per year, it should not affect much. My original quote was $500 annually for a $1 million 20 year level term, but the underwriter came back with a price of $5000 annually because of the fact that I race that 1 event. They said that they cannot exclude the event, and that if I had lied and said I don't race, and they found out that I did it would void the policy leaving my family in a terrible spot.

I grew up racing, and I want to continue to do an event or two per year but I can't do so at the expense of my wife and young kids. Did anybody else find an insurer that allows us to have a little fun without quoting unaffordable rates ?

Geeesh, responsibility sucks. I remember when my biggest dilemna was which tires to run and how much pressure.

I havent tried to get insurance after telling them that I race. I quit smoking at the beginning of the year to get my rates down.

In the meantime, We have opted for life insurance on all our debts. The other can do what needs to be done if there are no bills to pay.

If you find one let me know, I would be interested.


Jason "racemile" Mighell

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