Shot of Ether / Cold Starts

Friend of mine with WR450 puts a shot of ether in the airbox to help it start when cold. It has no issues when engine is hot. Idea on why this is needed / What is the remedy? I know he was overheating before and had carbs adjusted to richen (spelling?...ok.. make it less lean). Is this the reason?


Does he just spray ether in the airbox or does he take the airfilter off and shoot that stuff directly into the intake tract?

There are other ways to "cheat" a cold start. On days where its like 40f or lower I'll jack the idle screw up 3 or 4 turns and give it about 4 or 5 pumps of the throttle. Usually starts in a couple of kicks like that.

Its easier than jetting for cold weather :thumbsup:

When it is cold, I do a couple of quick twists of the throttle. Fuel is better and safer than ether.

If the bike stalls after it starts, it may need a larger starter jet. If the temp is not that cold, it may need a smaller starter jet.

Ambient Temp is not that cold, just when bike has not been started for the day. Larger starter jet?

I love other bike is an XR.

If one or two quick twists of the throttle with choke on (then press the button) does not start the bike and keep it running, then a starter jet needs attention. If the above works, then no jetting change. Ether is bad for your engine.

valve adjustment?

Ether shouldn't be needed. My bike starts fine year round, 40*-100* temps, 200ft-6000ft elevation.

tell him to give the grip 4 of 5 quick twist with choke on and use the kick start. It is sometime hard to start with starter and A kick or two and it shoud be running. Mine will start well below 30 degrees if done this way.

Like said above, turn the idle up. It is not out of the question the jetting will be off in colder temps, so jetting will be needed

if it was my bike I`d be looking it over to find out what`s up. Mine fires off at 2-3 kicks when cold and 1-2 the rest of the day since I upped my pilot jet to a 48 from stock. The cold starting drill I use is - a couple of good twists on the throttle, choke out and kick. Used to take maybe 10 kicks before changing the idle jet. Valve clearance could be an issue also, hard to tell from 3k miles away. :thumbsup:

That worked. thanks

Ether is bad news unless you have some extra fuel with it. Have seen heads literally blown off diesel engines from some freaking moron pumping that in while turning it over. Have seen gas engines with blown gaskets, and spark plugs blown out because they were not tight. All were putting way too much into the cylinder. Some because they were stupid and some because stuff happens. Personally fuel should fire regardless of temp, so give it a couple twists, and if not that adjust the air screw.

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