doing valves/shims got a ?

well i finally checked the valves on the bike and found out they where out of spec so i shimming them. well i noticed on one lobe on the intake came their is some light scuffing i guess from over tourqing the caps or lack of oil. i also noticed that on the cap and head where that lobe is located their is also light scuffing of course. i was wondering if it would hurt anything to hit these with a grey scoth pad or very fine sandpaper to clean them up a little. nothing major just a little. if so i was gonna do that and then run the motor a little while then change the oil to make sure no debri is floating around in their. as this is the first 4 stroke bike ive owned im still kinda new to this. by the way its a 98wr400f. i so got ripped on this deal, oh well. :thumbsup:

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