New Graphics

I just ordered all new graphics for my 99' yz400f, just wondering some tricks to getting them on and right the first time.

I just posted a thread similar to this...

Small ones are relatively easy; the big ones get a large bucket mix warm water with a tiny bit of dish soap, pull off the adhesive backing and dip the entire graphic into bucket. Pull out and place on plastic. It will slide around a bit, as it dries it will get tackier; press it into the proper location and work any bubbles or wrinkles out, set in sun to dry. Rear fender, lightly cut center backing two sides 1" width down the middle (careful not to cut too deep into graphic) pull 1" piece off, place on fender utilizing the 1" exposed part of graphic, once centered, pull sides off one at a time and slowly press and guide balance of graphic down on each side.

NEVER use hair dryer or heaters!!! All they do is overstretch graphic and it WILL wrinkle.

Windex and lots of it!

NEVER use hair dryer or heaters!!!

I wouldn't go that far. Used prudently, a little heat can solve a lot of problems.

An example is where a shroud graphic won't roll over the edge of the shroud and stick. A little heat will make them much more cooperative.

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