What happened to the Dunlop 756 Race Replica (RR) Tires?

I was totally bummed to learn that Dunlop has dropped the 756 Race Replica tires. I'm not a serious racer anymore, but that front tire REALLY helped the wash out on my YZ450F. I'm just curious if anyone knows why the discontinued them, and if anybody knows a shop that still has a front in stock. Thank you.

As I understand it, they were a limited production run item. A certain number were built, and that was it. None have actually been made for quite some time. Depending on the soils in your area, the 755 may work for you, or the 952. Dunlop also has the new Geomax line coming out, and both the fronts look interesting.

Yup, Dunlop is doing away with the 756 line, check out supercross.com for more information.

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