first bike! 2000 yz426

just got it this past wed. and took it out to Hollister Hills friday and saturday! ive been riding mostly quads and fairly new to 2 wheels. i decided on getting the 426 because im 6'4" 240 and i didnt want a bike i was gonna overgrow! anyway this thing rips! reading these forums helped alot! i went to see the bike and the guy selling it didnt even know the starting procedure! i gotta get the suspension redone for my weight, and my clutch grabs really fast which will take some getting used to especially if im on tight trails! thanks for the help all and see you guys out there!


heres a pic of the bike :thumbsup:


Nice work! My first big bike was a 2000 YZ426. Loved it and especially the mid range hit!

have fun :thumbsup:

yeah thanks man i cant wait to get out again! ive been reading around the forums and i guess the 00 clutch was really grabby and i just have to switch to 01 or 02 parts to fix that.

Fore the clutch issue you can check if the clutch basket is worn. Sometimes they end up with grooves from the clutch plates, but can easily be filed away.

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