Getting a yamaha wr450f, need help deciding

:usa::lol: hi im looking at getting a new bike, i have a yamaha ttr230 at the moment,

Im looking at getting the wr450f,:thumbsup: i dont race or anything but i love speed and want a bike that handles good on the trails

I want the bike to be able to cruise through tight terrain but i want the speed on the streets

im not going to ride the bike on the road, going to set it up for dirt only

Then there is the factor my mate says to get the yamaha yz250f because there a dirtbike not an enduro bike and they are lighter.

Please help me deside on which one to get:banana:

I fyou are in to racing buy the yz but I would opt for the wr because of having lights is always a plus. Just my .02

a wr you can plate without spending 500+ on a stator

the 450 is "tricky" to ride tight singletrack, but if your not going to the track dont even think about a MXer

If you like the TTR , the WR 450 will feel like a rocket ship and handle twice as good as the TTR. I cant say too much cuz of riding styles but the 250 is lighter on the fly but I would never have one in comparison to the WR 450 cuz of the torque, HP, etc. The 250 doesnt have enough power for me. What I liked best about my friends race YZ250 was being able to throw into the corners faster. jason

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