No neutral on my 06'

Hey guys!

Can´t get neutral on my 06' 450 when the engine is running and I´m stopped. I can get neutral when I´m riding or when the engine is not running.

Is that a big problem? Anyone had the same problem?

Thanks for the help and sorry for any mistake in my english

Your clutch could be dragging. Sometimes the clutch basket gets grooved up and won't dis-engage all the way.

Your clutch could be dragging.
That's normally the cause. Clutch drag (the failure to release completely enough) is usually caused by one or more of the following:

  • Incorrect adjustment
  • Worn or warped plates
  • Grooved/notched basket fingers
  • Grooved/notched boss splines
  • Uneven clutch spring pressure
  • Worn/damaged/warped pressure plate

Ok! Thanks for the help! Will open up my clutch to see whats wrong.

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