If i go out riding the dunes every 2nd weekend and when i get home, thoroughly clean it, wheel bearings etc, would it do much damage or cause much wear to the bike? also would a paddle tyre put more or less strain on the engine??? Riding the dunes is just too hard to resist :)

Lots of guys ride the dunes regularly with all kinds of bikes and don't seem to have much problem, assuming regular typical maintenance. Chains and sprockets seem to wear faster, from what I hear. Probably because they are exposed. I think washing with high pressure water probably destroys more wheel bearings than sand.

Paddle tires definitely make it easier on the engine, and more fun for the rider.


there is a knnobbly cross paddle called a Laguna Cross which is cool.

You can still ride on hard pack whihc you can't really do with a paddle.

clean your bike and grease it more often if using the pressure washer regularly

Hook up a paddle on that bike and rip it. Here in the states I use a chain lube called "MFR" its a white and yellow can. its more of a dry lube so sand wont stick to your chain. Also, if your out in the dunes for a weekend, I put air filter oil on a womans stocking and cover my air filter with it. I bring a few of them out and swap them at the end of the day.

have fun and go light on the front break!


Are you riding at stockton beech?

I too live in Newcastle & ride at Stockton beech.

I deathently reconmend useing a paddle tyre. Other wise the bike just sits there screaming it's head off & not going anywhere.

Top gear, wide open, down near the water with a 90FT roost spraying out the back.

how many cup paddle are you guys running. i use a 8 cup right now but have been told to use a 10. my buddy has a hot cr 500 with a 14 cup on it and that thing hooks up soo good.


I used 8 cup on my 250 2 stroke but have been running a Laguna Cross on the 426 - it definately hhoks up and still works on hard pack.

CR500's also rock with the Laguna Cross.

SKIPPY i will be riding at stockton when i get a wr250 (2 smoke, but dont think i can get it for another 7 months now :) )i cant wait though, i will be putting a small sprocket on the back so the bike doesnt get away from me in the woods. Do ya reckon the small sprocket will handle on the dunes?


I have a IT 490 for the dunes & a WR400 for everything else.

Don't go too small on the rear sprocket. Also make shore that the bike is running a little rich, the sand makes them run very hot. I put a 10mm hole in the top of my piston because it was a little lean.

See you out there.

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