Next Week !!!!

Oh yeah oh yeah, dealer has just called, bike is on the boat across the tasman and will be here on Wednesday !! :):D:D

To all you with a Kangaroo fetish, they should be in the shops this week :D

Just had to yell from the rooftops, have been waiting since August last year .....


All good things come to those who wait!,enjoy your new scoot you deserve it!

Congratulation! :D Knew you'd get one soon! :) Enjoy!!! :D

Congrat's, and thanks for the info', it's more than my local dealer can tell me...... :)

Way to go, Dean!!

I got the call from my dealer two weeks ago that my dream bike was in... It was still there two days ago when I ordered my YZ450 cam instead. I guess there is a good side to there not being any real public riding areas around here... WR's don't sell very well. You either buy a (snore; gag; barf) 'factory' dual-sport :D or a pure race-bike (YZ) :). Until I win my battle with the DOT, there is no use spending that kind of dough on a bike I can't use much.

I am very happy for you and would like to use this opportunity to request political asylum... :D

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