Races around the Colorado Area

Does anybody have a website that has the list of H/S or Enduro's that are around the Colorado/Texas/Wyoming area. The RMEC website only has last years races and I know some are coming up really soon, and would like to tray my hand a couple..



Heres the list of races for this year for RMEC races. The web site is under construction, sorry about the inconvience.

Desert Mtn, AZ 3/16

Caprock Canyon , Turkey TX 3/23

Lone Star, Lubbock TX 4/6

Kachina, Sante Fe NM 4/27

Inya Kara, Upton WY 6/29

Snow Shoe, Grand Junction CO ? 7/13

Boothill, Colorado (National Race) 7/27

Calimity, Rand CO 8/03

Avalanch, Durango CO ? 8/24

Mile High, Cloudcroft NM 9/14

Jumping Cow, Aget CO 9/28

Cottonboll, Memphis TX 10/26

Boondockers, Lubbock TX 11.23

Thanks for the information.


For alot of these races, I'm assuming that I'll need numbers.. Do I just pick a set of numbers for the bike and hope someone doesn't have the same and do I have to run a particular background?


For alot of these races, I'm assuming that I'll need numbers

Numbers are assigned by the promotor. Enduros are run with 4 to 5 riders starting a minute, usually. The first row usually starts at 8:01. So the 4 riders on that row would be 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D. Now this goes back through as many riders as there are. There is a few other ways to numbers but you don't see if very often. Those usually have to do with a 3 digit number, but again its assigned by the promotor.

I run by the local RiteAid and they carry 3" stick on numbers and letters in packs. The packs give you 3 or 4 of each letter or number and cost under $5. Some promoters provide the numbers for you. Some guys just put duct tape on their front plats and write the numbers with perment markers on that.

Most races just require numbers on the front plate, some require it on one side too. The flier will usually let you know.

Hope this helps. Let me know any other questions.

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