What year to get

It's time to step up to a 450 and stop dealing with the issues I've had with my CRF250X. I want a YZ and am considering an '05 or newer. My only concern is I'm not a big fan of the 4 speed tranny. I ride mostly trail but like to hit the local HS course. 4 Speed makes me weary that on long sand washes or any sort of long straight I'll run out of rpm's but having never ridden one wanted to see what you all thought on years / tranny's etc.

There are a number of very good reasons to get an '06 or later, but the 4 speed of the '05 and earlier is not really very high on the list. It isn't as limiting as you might think. $th in a 4 speed is quite a bit higher than 4th in a 5.

Nevertheless, the handling and suspension of the '06 are so far ahead of everything that went before it that there's really no practical reason other than price to consider anything older.

I'd buy the newest one thats in your budget. :thumbsup:

06 and over

Thanks for the insight. Likely looking at an '07 this weekend.

....and an '08 is so much nicer than an '06, no comparision in turning ability.

get the 07 best decision I have ever made.

congrats man, i just got a 08 very happy

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