Yesterday's mail

brought me bad news. I got a letter from Oregon DMV telling me that I was going to have to return my license plate and tag to them because my MSO said "not to be operated on public roads etc, etc. I thought that some one had kicked me in the...... you know. I talked to our DMV girl here at work and she advised that I call the number shown to see what could be done. I was informed that I needed to take the bike to the local DMV office and get it inspected and signed off, then I could keep the plate and sticker.. I felt so much better after that.. But that will all happen tomorrow, after I sand off "Not for Highway use" on the tires. The last two times I've had a bike at DMV they didn't even look at the tires but I don't want to take any chances.


Good luck !! :D

For us down under the bikes are street legal out of the box, knobbly tyres and all. :)

There are some pretty aggressive DOT tires from Dunlop.

Good luck with your reg.

When I bring mine in for inspection, I'm gonna get my tire marker and highlight "Dunlop" and add D.O.T. :)

DOT = Dunlop's On Tarmack

:D:) good one :D :D

Well I went down to the local DMV office this morning to get my bike inspected. I went up to the counter and told the lady what was going on and she talked to the district manager then called the state manager, Asked ME if it was street legal, I said "yes". She said that's good enough for me. She tore up the letter, told me I was set. All that panic for nothing. They were not concerned one little bit.



You are very fortunate that Oregon has the good sense and fair-play to take this on a bike-by-bike basis. Don't fudge the tires. You may not get a third chance.

Iowa had already inspected (rigorously!) and approved my bike long before I even bought it. They are not being anywhere near as reasonable, though I still have my Title and plate and a current Registration. But it has been a long, ugly battle with more to come... You don't want any of this!!!

Beg, borrow, or buy the tires!!! Sanding off the "off-road" designation is NOT enough. They know an approved tire will clearly say DOT on the sidewall. Just my best advice to guy I want to see win one for us all... :)

Please keep us posted?

Oops! Day late and a dollar short, as usual... Just read your second post. You ARE VERY LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations, too!

I used to sand the "NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE" off of all my tires. Now I'm pretty sure they have colored stripes that indicate if the tire is legal.

That great news Jim. I dont know how anal they are here in NJ but in FL they dont know jack. I would go to one of those private DMV offices that charge you an extra 10%, and make any transaction happen. I hope its the same here.

Well you could all move to New Zealand, no problems here, plus as a bonus you can check out the filming sites of LOTR



Once they get a look at your dualsport kit, They got to let you keep your plate.



Once that they found out that I had a TRICK DUAL SPORT kit on my bike, it was an automatic pass slip and they let me keep the plate.


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