2003 yz450f wierd on rev limiter

the bike doesnt seem to revv out. with it hits the rev limiter it sounds like its starving for fuel. its like it never fully hits it. any thoughts?

Except for 1st gear, or maybe second, the '03 wasn't real good at pulling very hard past about 10,500 or so, and the rev limit is 11,500. They tend to fall flat before they quite get there.

no, this is not that, it never did this until like last week. i also noticed a bog when i rolled on the throttle (at about 1/4 throttle) but not when i snapped it.

Check and clean your jets. Maybe need to change the jets, its getting warmer out. Or maybe they gummed up. I thought I needed to jump up on my pilot, but it turned out to just be partially clogged.

ok, will try, thanks!!

it still doesnt seem right. i believe i have stock jetting, so whats the next step up?

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