is the yamaha wr450f too big for riding trails

thinking of getting a wr450f for the trails but dont know about the weight of the bike

Should i just get a yzf or

Well, I must say that if you are going to be doing knarly, rough, single track trails, yes, the WR450 is a handful with regards to it's weight. When you drop this bike on a hill you'll know what I mean. It has good power, handles well and the suspension is decent for trail riding with the exception of the forks which are way too soft for technical trails IMHO. For really nasty, technical trails a 250 2-smoke is a better choice than the WR450F.

The WR450 is NOT too heavy for any kind of trail riding or racing. The WR450 is the same weight as a KTM 450 EXC. Go to an enduro and you will see plenty of 4-strokes of the same weight.

My buddy just bought a 2009 KTM 530 EXC, and we swapped bikes for a loop. Both of us are B-level. He thought that my WR was better in the turns. I agreed. I thought that his KTM handled the roots better. Might have had something to do with that $600 suspension job.

I rode a 300EXC 2-stroke for three years. It was a good race bike but now I prefer the WR for it's traction and better handling.

the wr450 is the bike you want

It's lighter than a Honda 450X, a BMW GX, a Husqvarna TE450, and a KLX450.

Just get a model from 06 and after to have an aluminium frame. All models from 06 and before have steel frames which make the bike extra heavy.

IIRC the WR is one of the smallest of the 450 enduros ergonomics wise. That "cozyness" combined with the weight centralization of the '07+ models makes it feel non threatening on technical terrain...that is until you "misjudge" throttle application. :thumbsup:

ok cool, so would the wr450f be a good bike coming off a ttr230

The WR450F is a fine machine, what I'm saying is that compared to a 250 2-smoke setup for off-road, the WR450F weighs 40-50 lbs more and the weight is up higher which adds to the heavy feeling. I'm not a small guy, 6'4" and 205 lbs. The WR takes a lot more effort than a lighter 2-stroke in tight, technical trail situations. The power of a WR450F with the 'free' mods would definitely be eye-opening to you coming from a CRF230!

I think you'll be happy with the WR450. I have an 03, and it does ok for me. Any real tight stuff, then I ride my two stroke.

ok cool, so would the wr450f be a good bike coming off a ttr230

yes, the wr would be an excellent upgrade coming off a ttr230. The 230 is HEAVY and underpowered, not to mention terrible suspension. The wr will feel so much more powerful, lighter, and better suspended. I moved up to the wr450 from a ttr250, what a difference, I actually thought the wr was super light since I was used to the tank the ttr250 was.

thinking of getting a wr450f for the trails but dont know about the weight of the bike

Should i just get a yzf or

Its an excellent all around bike. I also have a 2 stroke that I ride. I will ride them both anywhere.

However, when I race, I ride the 2 stroke. If its a trail ride, even a hard one, I like the wr because of the suspension

If the 450 is to much bike, then get the 250. WR's were made for TRAILS!


thanks guys

would i be better getting an 09 new model or getting the 08 model, cause the 09 just has new plastics ive heard

Is there any more info you can give me on the wr450f

Hey Homer, what part of Oz are you in.?

If you have the funds, go for the 09, just check back with the guys on here, as far as mods are concerned, and you'll be shaking your head, wondering why you bothered with the TTR in the first place. I went from a 07TTR250 to a 04WR450, did the mods that had not been done by the previous owner, and can't believe how good these bikes are, it'll rip your arms off.. enjoy

You don't think there might be any bias here towards the WR, would you? Really, you need to figure out if the bike is right for YOU:

What is your height and weight? What kind of trails? For some smaller guys, the WR450 is a lot of bike to wrestle through roots, sand, ruts and whatnot. You see a lot of advantage to the WR when the trail opens up a bit. I just rode my in snow-covered single track about a month ago. The control and traction were awesome, it's a bit challenging to get over slippery off-camber logs, but the biggest thing I'm learning is throttle control. For the tight stuff, less is more. If you don't need 450 power, think about the 250.

Check out, they just did a bit more in depth review of the 450 online. Also search this forum under trails, enduro, etc. to see what people will see plenty of complaints about heavy! Good luck!

I came off a 04 crf250x to a 07 wr450f and it was the best thing that I could have done. The wr is so easy to ride on any trail.

i came off a 05 230 to a 07 wr450 ,5feet 5 inches tall 235lbs. shaved seat. no problems, love my 450

Awesome bike but if you ride tight stuff you might think wr 250f. I have an 08 which I use for the mountains and its great especially after you have the suspension done (George at ESP will make it magic) My buddy rides a 450 and the power is nice in the open but he cant catch me in the tight stuff. My bike feels 40lbs lighter.I have over 4000 miles on it and not one problem. Think about it and you can find new ones cheap.Go 07 or newer for the aluminum frame and email me if you have any questions because I have done it all on mine,including dual sport. Good luck

No need to buy an 09 find a left over 07-08 and save some $$

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