FMF Q update

Just to let you know that here in Michigan I talked with Bill Chapman who is the Executive Director of the Cycle Conservation Club in Michigan and he gave me an official book on which RPMs to test at for each bike and also I bought the RPM Tach from him that they use. I was told before to test at 3500 RPM for the YZF but it is really 4500 RPM at a 45 degree angle at 20". So we redid the test on my YZ450F today and with the FMF Q it is right at 94 DB which is the high limit for Michigan but fine for everyone not in Michigan. The power out put is just as good as Stock and it looks very clean and fits perfect. I was told by FMF that there power bomb header will reduce the DB about 10% so I may also add this but I hate to lose the Heat Shield.



Just to let everyone know that I just talked with FMF and they said that the power bomb would quiet it down about 1 more DB. I also said to him that I hate to loose the stock heat shield on my YZ450F header and he said that they have a new Power Bomb coming out in about 3 weeks that will have a heat shield on it. I think I will wait for that.



The Powerbomb with the heat shield will be great. My Q tests at 100DB with the High flow header. Did they change the design? ---Mike

What RPM did you test at and were you at a 45 degree angle at 20" away. You should be checking at no more than 4500 RPM. How old is your Q? Today when I checked for a 20 second period it never went over 96 DB :)

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