opinions on ti-4 to drd ti/carbon

i took posession of a superclean 07 yz450...with a pro circuit ti-4 systen on it..has a few dents in the header..i tried the freezer deal (6 cycles) to no avail..was considering a new header pipe..but the muffler/can sticks out super far in comparison to others...and since it seems that everyone says that the dr d's are the way to go...being i can get a great price on a drd carbon/ti race system.. ive started to think that i should just go that route....

so my questions are..would i notice a performance difference in the swap?...will the jetting be off by the swap?...and how does the carbon can hold up? (aside from crashes/running it with no packing )....thanks in advance!

Well I have had PC systems before and I would never buy another one. Yes the 07's had the PC pipe stick out pretty far. I have put a s/s carbon system on my 09' 450 and I love it! I would never look back on buying anything else. The carbon is just as strong as anything else really. You just have to make sure to re-pack every 20hrs or so(PC pipe was just as bad for re-packing). That stuff is strong they make handle bars out of it lol. The jetting you can run pretty much stock with the dr.d system I would go up one on the main or 1 or a half clip on the needle. The other big gain with the dr.d system is that you can run the rad lowing kit, which helps alot!

just my 2 cents,


Unless your very concerned about the weight (pro level racer), like bling more than function, or have a ton of cash, skip the carbon. As I understand, and I may be wrong, but I believe the heat from the exhaust causes accelerated wear on the carbon.

Also, to compare the pipes, there will not be any performance "gains" by switching out pipes but there might be a difference in the way the power is delivered. I can't speak for the PC but the DRD is good for increasing the power throughout. I have a DRD on my bike and like it.

If it was me, I would skip the carbon/ti and get a stainless setup. The performance is the same and the cost is much less. Or I would just use the one you have on your bike.

thanks guys...yz007f..you mentioned it sticking out far on the 07's....i know the 08/9's had shorty can stock...does you drd look normal or stick out far like my pc?...im hoping that the drd will be shorter than the pc on it now...wouldnt think they changed the mount point on the subframe from 07-08/9...

The current DRD can extends 2" past the number plate, and the tip adds 4" more.

thanks for the measurement grayracer...my pro circuit can sticks out 4" and the endcap 3".....was hoping it would be more like 3" shorter...but i guess losing an inch is better than nothing.hahaha

Here's my two bikes side by side you can see the pc pipe and the dr.d that doesn't stick out as far. Grey is right about how far it is..


thanks for the pics..nice looking bikes!...the ti 4 on mine looks alot longer than yours in the background...even though the dr d is only an inch shorter than what i have now it just looks alot better i think....what plug are you using with the dr d?...or do they come with one?...cant wait to get it and the rad lowering kit on and ride this weekend....thanks again everyone

Imo.. unless u have money burning a whole in ur pocket keep the Pc on their. both exhaust work.. Cant say anythign about the dr.d but from what im told the major difference between the two pipes is that the pc gives the bike more top/over-rev and the dr.d gives u a great deal more bottom end.

both are good pipes and u cant go wrong with either. i have my pc ti-4 for the last year and i dont have a complaint..

That is just a FMF muffler plug.

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