Question for Rekluse owners

I just recieved my Rekluse Pro today and am planning an install this weekend on my 07 WR450. I was wondering what setup works best for you? I see the Med/Hrd is recommended initial setting. Is this working for most? We have a lot of tight technical trails here in Colorado, however a lot of open country also. Just looking for any recommendation from current users. Thanks RB

I :thumbsup: have the same bike, same rekluse. I went with the standard setup recommended by rekluse. Riding technical rock, root strewn trails with a rekluse is akin to cheating! You will be pleased with this setup. Don't forget that the bike will freewheel when the engine speed drops to idle, a quick blip of the throttle will re-engage the clutch and restore engine braking.

I have an 07 WR450F and ride mostly technical single track. Tight stuff. I started with the Med/Hard set up but did not like it because it would free wheel down hills. Changed to Low/Hard and loved it. Then I could go down hill with the clutch in and let the clutch out and have engine braking.

Thanks for the replies. I went with the recommended setting and go from there. Just finished the install, quick and easy. Will have to wait till tomorrow to do the break-in as more snow is moving in. Thanks again, RB

I have the rekluse in my 07 wr450 installed with the recommended settings and love it I had to use the thicker plate after the half hour break in

Just installed the Pro in my 09 WR450. Went with the Low/Soft setting initially.

I've read (on the Rekluse site) that the Low/hard setting is more prone to stalls. Has anyone experienced this?

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