My Creed First Pretty Then Dirty

Well It's 95% done. Needs some frame and radiator guards and I want to try the Yamaha muffler insert. Then when this @8^%%&^7 snow gets out of here I promise it will get dirty. See Main Ride below for current picture.


Go inside, check the house and make sure your wife is OK. Looks like you have lived in the garage since delivery of the new one. Looks great.

Pardon my ignorance! where did you get the stickers? There very cool ! :)

From the thumper talk store. See top of this page.

"Shop TT Now"

That is sooo funny because it's so close to the truth. I have a second smaller garage behind the house. I bought a 45000 BTU radiant heater and a 20000 BTU Kerosene heater to try to handle the terrible cold spell we have had here. I brought in a telephone line, and installed a wireless intercom so I new when to come in and eat or go out for a evening of entertainment. It took a lot more time than my conversion of the Wr 426. The mods were very similar but the cold just slowed everything down.

Very nice i feel bad, my bike looks the same as the day i brought it home. :)

hey Jim,

Are those Cyrca's mounted to the bars or the triple clamp? :) I'm interested in the TC mount, but have read a few posts from guys that had trouble with that installation due to the front brake/master cylinder setup.


RE the license plate holder/bracket what kind is it, whered you get it, does it seem sturdy(stand up to jumping)? I,m doing a bare bones conversion-brake light, mirror, horn, and LICENSE PLATE HOLDER. Hope that will pass here in AZ. Your bike is definitely decked out! BTW its snowing here as we type- I guess we had it coming after all our bragging

They are triple clamp mounted. The pros are they are VERY sturdy. The cons are that it's difficult to move your handlebars up and down and there is a very tight situation around the brake reservoir. I have bar mounted handguards on my other bike. If you get bar mounts that have a sturdy clamp system to the bar and a strong bar from handlebar end to the bar clamps I'd suggest going that way. The adjusting is easier. Though in some cases the bar clamps get in the way of switches/buttons when you are doing a full dual sport.

The plate holder is from Baja Designs. It is wide for horizontal use with your license plate, I cut it down and mount the plate vertically. I used it on my WR426 and it fit well and held up well. The fit on a 450 is much more difficult. I had to bend the plate, not use all the original hardware, and use spacers. I feel it will hold up. The shape of the 450 fender makes the fit a problem. I may try something different later, I'm not sure what I'll try though.

Very nice, Jim!! Really smooth looking! Just taking a break from working on my own "Black Beauty". How well do the UFO turn signal/handguards hold up? I like the idea, but am afraid that every tree branch will make me regret them.

I did go with the UFO integrated rear turn/tail/extension assembly. I cut some stiff, thick rubber to make the backing plate for the license plate and mounted that to the fender extension. I used fast-nuts on the underside of the extension (no wrench needed) and a universal 6-prong connector so I can remove the tail, turn, and plate/extension as a single assembly with just 4 screws and an electrical quick-connect. With the way I crash, it is the only way to protect them. :)

Always looking for new/better ideas... Keep up the good work! I'm putting those pics in my "for the legislator" folder if you don't mind? :D


I had the Hand guards with turn signals in them and I didn't like them. Without the aluminum bar they didn't protect controls or hands very well. When you get your bike done let us all see it. I'm always looking for ideas also.

Now that bike looks SWEEEEEEEEET!!!

The more I look at it... the more want one! Guess I'll start growing my MULLET now. :)

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