Which year footpegs will fit a 2007 yz450f?

I recently broke my right foot peg off at the first cross brace. Washed the front tire doing about MPH on the pavement. After a trip to the ER I'm ready to start getting the bike back to getter. Got lucky only got some road rash on my arms and legs, 6 staples in my left arm and the bike looks like I only need a new set of foot pegs and a throttle throttle tube. Possible bars to. My question is which year stock foot pegs will fit my 07?

I just bought a set of 08 pegs for my 06, The 08 pegs are wider! 65.00 on ebay

You should never go as fast as MPH. :thumbsup:

I am fairly certain that any YZ/YZF footpeg from at least 2000 up will fit. The '04 and later were Ti, although they aren't the coolest or strongest Ti pegs you can have.

50 MPH. Sorry about that.

a great time to invest in some wider lightspeed Ti or SS pegs....you will never go back to stock again

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