my new yz426

finally got it and went riding out in hollister hills this past weekend... love the bike well except for the grabby clutch!! well heres a pic!


Looks like new. Nice bike. If its a 2000 model, do a search for '01 clutch mod'. The 01 clutch mod will fix the grabby clutch.

yeah i found that after i posted this up... im gonna have to do that asap! also i have to get it resprung for my weight and new tires. the starting drill isnt bad at all i really dont mind it.

the starting drill isnt bad at all i really dont mind it.

Everybody says that, until they do the 450 cam swap, and then they say stuff like, "I wish I done that sooner" and "my 426 starts like a 250 2 stroke".

Trust me, its a mod worth doing. :thumbsup:

def understandable! its so easy to start my blaster... but thats just one of the mods thats not that far up on my list im sure ill do it eventually

I may end up doing it myself, but for now I pulled the

light blue wire off my cdi for a hotter nuetral spark

works for now.

I pulled the

light blue wire off my cdi for a hotter nuetral spark

works for now.

No, I'm afraid you didn't. I'm sure you removed the wire, but you accomplished nothing in terms of a hotter spark. The neutral signal, which is present when the neutral switch grounds the light blue lead, does two things:

  • Retards the ignition timing and alters the advance curve
  • lowers the rev limit to 7000 rpm

That's it. Spark strength is unchanged either way. Some 426's report better starting with the blue wire cut, but that is normally just a matter of the engine liking a bit more advance. Be advised that cutting this wire, or for that matter, starting in gear before the engine is hot, makes the bike much more prone to kick back when starting. Normally, a 426 that tends to start better with the neutral lead disconnected turns out to be jetted slightly wrong on the idle circuit.

Pulling the blue wire off of a 450 will almost always make the bike harder to start.

so theres no truth to this...

this is a question not a smart comment

I did this and it seems to start better

now when yo say lower the rpms that is at start only or neutral only correct

I re read your post good piont

Ill make it a piont never to start in gear dont want to get tossed

the link said something about lower voltage in neutral I assumed

that meant a hotter spark

If you have the wire disconnected, the CDI will think you're in gear and set the timing accordingly, whether you really are in gear or not.

The link you posted to is old info, and I doubt that the remark regarding low voltage is anything other than an assumption based on the observation that the bike started better with the wire off than on. The real reason for that would be timing, as I already pointed out. I have attempted to measure a difference in voltage signal to the coil in and out of gear and haven't seen it.

If it actually makes the bike start better, that you can decide whether or not to leave it like that. There's no real downside, except for the increased risk to your foot.

The 426 had spark energy that was really pretty marginal at starting speeds. Plug condition and quality is very important. Iridium plugs can actually be worth their price in bikes like this.

ok thanks so nothing negative, out of the wire being off

Ill try one of those plugs

what happend to my thread?

The starting drill : pain in the ass until you figure it out, after that it is cake. had on 01 426 til it blew up on me at the beginning of this season. and now i am the proud owner of an 05 450. i did not mind the starting drill eather til at the end of a long day all you had to do was push a button! hah

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