WR450 POLL who has ordered one and whats the wait?

let us know how many people have ordered one and HAVENT recieved the WR450 yet and how long is the wait?

i will start, ordered it 2/15/02 #25 on the list, Colorado.

Just wanted to let everyone know that Champion Motorsports in Michigan has had one on there floor for 2 weeks and it still is not sold as of today. :)

I spoke with a local dealer a few weeks ago that said his shop only had one in so far but they were suppose to get 20+ by the end of March.

My question is why do the WR's take so long to come out after the YZ's?

Seems like this is the case every year. Cant they release them att he same time?

Call James or Greg at 434-293-4406 charlottesville VA they have 2 in stock. www.jarmanssportcycles.com

Picked my wr450f today off the showroom floor. Berts Mega Mall in Azusa California had 8 ready to go. Had to wait a day before I took delivery because Yamaha sent out technicians to show the shop staff a "fix" before they could release the bikes.

How did you order one on 2/15/02 and end up 25th on the list?

If you are looking for a WR450, check with Iowa City Motorsports. My name was first on their list from last summer, but since I still haven't resolved the D.S. issue with the DOT, I had to pass; so did the other guys... :)

It was still there Monday. It was ignominiously and irreverently crammed in between a Suzuki DR650 :D and a Kaw 650 :D so tight that I couldn't even sit on it.

WR's don't sell very well around here now. You either buy a full-boogie YZ racer or, if truly desperate, a "pretend" factory D.S. street bike. Or, like me, you just give it (a new bike) up 'cause you can't get, and no longer can build, what you want.

We don't have any real off-road public areas. Just racetracks or private land if you are lucky. There is very little use for an "enduro" now that Iowa is crapping on conversions.

Sorry Yamaha: No serious D.S. version; No sale.

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! :)

mines in, got the call yesterday

will pick it up tomorrow

on order since around mid dec.

I was told that more WR's are in Canada, should have them next week in the Manitoba area. :)

You know, if you just can't wait take a trip up here. I just walked into the dealership, told him I'd trade my TTR 250 in for it and walked out with it. He even gave me $3400 for my trade in.

No ordering, no fuss, no muss! I guess they don't sell many Yamahas in a Harley town!


As of 2/22/03, Blalock Cycles in Warrenton VA had a WR450F in the crate, a WR250F on the showroom, and an '02 WR426F still in the crate.

The shop I bought mine from sold all three of theirs in October.

Ordered Wr450 on February 20, have been told I can pick it up March 6. I got the last one of seven. Calgary AB.

Whats the word on the woodriff key?

I had one on order. But with all the hoopla about the flywheel/woodruff key. I went to a KTM I want to spend more time rideing,not worrying about the bike.

Cycle Sports Center in Orlando has one on the showroom floor.

Hi there, I new to the forum and from what I see , it rock's ! Anyway ordered a WR 450 on feb.14 and picked it up TODAY, going out tomorrow, i'll let you know how it is .

(sold my 02 xr 400 to buy WR, pretty sure it was the right thing to do !)

Chaindrive, you really need to come to New Zealand. WR's are D.S. out of the box and there is so much land here to ride on its a pick which one we want for the weekend (or the ofter work rides during daylight savings) :)

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