YZ450 Valve Cover and Carb Removal

Ok whats the secret. Valve cover is a ______ to remove and the carb was unbelievable!! I am new to this aluminum frame so lets share thos secrets!!

Remove the upper engine mounts to do either one. Free the half moons of the cam cover gasket from the cover and move it out to the right side.

On the carb, unbolt the air box from the sub frame, remove the sub frame leaving the air box in place, then remove the air box from the carb and remove the carb. Assemble in reverse order.

Why are you removing the carb? It may not be necessary?


This bike had sat for a year and I needed to clean the carb extensively. It just seemed really awkward to remove. Do you have trouble keeping gaskets on the valve cover? I peeled mine off when removing the cover.

No problem with the gasket. I only peel it loose on the one side.

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