gear ratio comparison WR450 / YZ450

Trail Rider magazine did a report on the YZ450F and said the YZ450 and WR450 have the exact same 4the gear. :) (14/48) The WR,s 5th gear is 14/50. They also said the YZ450F will go near 65 MPH at 10,000 rpm in 4th. :D And also the 1st gear on th YZ is 25% taller than the WR,s 1st. I just wanted to share a little factual information with yall. :D

14/48 vs. 14/50... Are these gear ratios or sprocket ratios?

WR Transmision gear ratio # 5 is 14/50

WR transmision gear ratio # 4 is 14/48

YZ transmision gear ratio # 4 is 14/48

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