08 WR450 Suspension

I have an 08 WR450 and have had some issues with the suspension because of my size and weight. I'm 6'6" and weigh 260. I resprung it with an FC 6.7 on the rear and .50 in the front without much luck. I have been doing quite a bit of research and feel fairly confident about changing up my shim stack. Anybody here have any experience in this? Are there any special tools I would need to do this? Any input would be great.

According to racetech you're oversprung in the rear. They're recommending a 6.1kg/mm spring. The front is spot on.

Which end is giving you trouble?

The front is giving me trouble. Bottoms out all the time. THe back feels pretty good. FC told me because of my height and tendancy to ride over the rear of the bike I needed the 6.7.

Have you considered playing with fork oil weight and height?

I bumped the oil up to a 7 wt and its at the max as far as specified oil height. Combined with the fat boy springs it feels good.

I added oil in 5cc increments a couple months ago without much luck. I haven't tried bumping up the oil weight. I'll definitely give that a try. It seems like damn near everything I read about the WR front suspension tells me I will need to revalve.

It seems like damn near everything I read about the WR front suspension tells me I will need to revalve.

Its money well spend...:confused:

However before you do spend that money, I would do as JSan suggested and try the heavier fork oil and high level of oil :thumbsup:

It sounds like in your case you're probably gonna need to revalve it. No use in spending money experimenting with oil weights when you can put that $$ towards a revalve.

I understand the reason for the stiffer spring in the rear, but I would guess that because it is so "jacked up" in the back that it is putting more weight on the front causing you to bottom more easily up front. How much sag do you have? I am guessing not enough.

Re-valve it and get rid of the antiquated shim stack. I did mine and it was a whole different bike.

My sag is good, I was right at 100 mm last I checked. I feel good in the rear, the bike tracks well through whoops and I don't have the bottoming issues in the rear. My problems really seem to lie in the forks. I bottom out all the time, and the front end really comes down when braking into corners.

Antiquated Shim Stack? I wonder if I can simply reconfigure the shim stack or maybe I would need to replace the valve as well. I would like to do the suspension work myself. I'm just trying to get some insight right now as to what sort of changes I should make.

.52kg/mm fork springs.

Springs like every other manufactured part have a manufacturing tolerance. Springs can easily vary +/- .2kg/mm. Having said that there is no substitution for a really well valved set up for the type of terain and skill level/riding style of the pilot.


You're right about the base valve, it is way too soft and you are blowing through the travel and "stink-bugging". You need more compression damping to get the fork up in it's travel for you. FWIW, I found race tech's spring calculator too soft for the rear shock, Factory Connection is likely correct. 100mm sag in the rear is pretty tight for a WR. Factory Connection recommends 105-110mm. What is your static sag with 100mm race sag?

So your SAG is 100mm, what is the FREE SAG (the distance between full extended and bike in resting position WITHOUT rider) this should be between 18 to 32 mm. If your free SAG is more than 32 mm your rear shock is too stiff

Sounds like the rear is too stiff: is you static sag 25-35mm? If not, rear spring is too stiff.

You are describing an underdamped front fork; you could increase the compression clickers, but a RE VALVE is going to do wonders, so just do it.

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