WR 400 vs Tricked DRZ 400

All I here is how incredible these wr/yz bikes are. I feel I must buy one too. The dealer here has a 2000 WR400 ridin 4 times $5700 cdn. his Mechanic has a 2001 DRZ400(electric start), All RM plastic's upgrades to front shocks, seat, carb, full pipe, bars,painted rims, ridin 6 times $6200 cdn.

I ride hard (Kx 250) right now, but cant choose between these two bikes. Every one says that the Yamaha's are the best then you see this tricked out Drz and you wonder could they be comparable.

thanks Zoo

IMHO both those prices are too high unless the PST & GST are included. Both are good bikes, either one would be far better off-road than your KX, but probably not as good on an MX track.Either way - shop it out a bit before you buy.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

Electric start is the only way to go, I have wr426 and friend has drz. wish I would have waited for wr450, gotten the ktm or drz.

Since you already got a mx bike, go for the DRZ.

It is a good versatile bike, it is also fun if you want to change it to motard, what you need now is a E-start!


E-start is for wussies :).........

Dodger :D :D

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