Front brake very spongy.

My front brake has been bothering me for a while. It just seems so spongy. Id like to get a solid feel out of it. Is there anything i should look for first? Ive tried bleeding them, but it doesnt seem to help. Do i need to just flush the fluid out?? Did it get to hot??

If brake fluid absorbs water (which it LOVES to do whenever it's exposed to air), the water can boil into water vapor once it gets hot, with the effect being the same as air in the lines. This should not affect the feel while it's cold.

If you are certain there is no air, you may want to replace the front brake line with a braided steel one.

There's no harm in trying new fluid, though, and it's not a bad idea. Uncover the master cylinder, open up a fresh can, open the bleeder and let the old fluid drain out as you pour the new in.

My brake line seems stout. It doesnt move when i hit the brake. Isn't it braided with a rubbercoating over it? It does it all the time hot or cold:banghead: I'll try flushing the fluid out, but somethin tells me im wastin my time. Im stumped.

If your brake line is stock the no it is not steel braided. Unless you bought the bike used and someone esle put of a steel braided line you would know by looking at it though.

I really dont think the culprit is the brake line. It doesnt flex at all when i squeeze the brake hard. I would think id be able to see the line bulging or flexing if there was a problem. I may be wrong though. Any other ideas?

You aren't going to see it flex I would do the things grey said and then after you do them if you still don't like it then I would put on a braided line. . .

One other possibility is a caliper bracket that is slightly bent out of line. If the caliper twists vertically or horizontally as you apply the brake, that could be your trouble, too.

I recently went through this as well, I found that reverse bleeding the brakes worked very well. I just picked a cheap brake bleeding system from the local auto parts store and applied pressured fluid back through the system. Try it out.


wow good suggestions guys. thank you:)

If you change you fluid and line and it does not help check for a bent rotor or worn out bearings these can cause a similar feeling

I had a problem with mine, flushed it many times, new fluid, reverse bleeding through the valve.. Nothing worked, i tried it all.. I think the seals were gone.. What i did was got a master cylinder from a trx450 and used that, the thing is huge!! Brakes work mint now, along with a stainless line..

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