Gear Ratios WR vs. YZ 2smoke ?

I'm coming off a 99 YZ250. I'm one deal away from being able to buy a WR450 but have never riden one. I ride a mix of trials and track in the southeast. Had to use a lot of clutch in the tight stuff but the YZ250 was great on the track.

My questions.

How is the wide range gearbox of the WR450 on a track?

Is the ratio drasticlly different or just a taller 5th and lower 1st?

I think it's geared a little tall for SE stuff - maybe OK out west. I went to a 52 rear sprocket and it's great now. With lower gearing it should be OK on an MX track, but I'd probably set up 2 bikes - one for offroad and one for MX

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